OfficeLink+ Turn Off The Internet... and onto your own "private information superhighway" OfficeLink+ Turn Off The Internet... and onto your own "private information superhighway"
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Network+ Benefits
Network+ Benefits Internally secure your own private information super highway.

Network+ Benefits Extends the management and security of your network to every site.

Network+ Benefits Reduces virus impact by compartmentalise your network.

Network+ Benefits Fully expandable and modular design = Future Proof.


Connecting any site to your private network could not be easier when you use SNAP+ routers. 

Harnessing SNAP+, we have designed and built a fully expandable, secure network router that ensures that your private information superhighway is configured for maximum up-time, maximum efficiency and maximum security. 
SNAP is short for “Secure Network Access Point”.

The SNAP+ router is much more than just a broadband access point.  It is modular in design and supports ADSL+, ISDN+, Dialup+ and VPN+ connections.  The SNAP+ router’s small form factor and 100% silent operation means that you won’t even know that it is there – even in the tightest home-office.  But inside this small router is more power than any other access point on the market.  Out of the box it is configured as an application layer firewall, DHCP server, Domain Name Server, traffic monitor and traffic statistics collector. 

As well as this, our enhanced router, SNAP++ (we call it “snap two plus”) provides integrated traffic shaping and quality of service (QoS) with Network+ so that your critical traffic can be given the priority it needs – which is essential for voice and video communication.

Firewall+ and SNAP+ combined = Defence-In-Depth

When you combine Firewall+ with SNAP+ routers, then the full power of the OfficeLink+ security model is released.  This type of “defence-in-depth” is recognised as the only safe way to fully secure Internet connected networks.  As well as enhanced security, the combination of a Firewall+ with SNAP+ routers provides the ability to compartmentalise your network.  This is critical in isolating and blocking unwanted traffic such as viruses, worms and malware.

SNAP+ routers are rented to you as part of your total OfficeLink+ solution and are managed seamlessly by the dedicated OfficeLink+ staff.  Upgrades and enhancements are free and are managed remotely at a time and date agreed by you. 

Restricting access between your office networks is as simple as a phone call or email request from a pre-authorised person.  In fact the SNAP+ routers are fully monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for your peace of mind.  And if a SNAP+ router detects any unusual traffic inside your private information superhighway, it immediately and automatically notifies the OfficeLink+ operations centre.  Harmful applications, malicious intruders, computer viruses and worms are no longer permitted to compromise your private information superhighway undetected.

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