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Any OfficeLink+ solution will allow you to locate your network servers anywhere on your private network.  In many cases these servers will be located in one or more of your physical offices.  This is a great model if each server is used exclusively by staff at that location.  But in most organisations there is a requirement to share corporate information between offices.  In this case NetServer+ is the best solution.

NetServer+ is a rack-mounted server dedicated to your organisation and located in one of the OfficeLink+ Operations Centres.  Each NetServer+ can be custom built for your specific requirements.  But even out of the box, NetServer+ is powerfully configured and includes as standard most of the tools that you will require at the heart of your network.

NetServer+ is automatically configured as an Internet mail server with spam filtering and virus checking.  It also comes preconfigured as a web server and includes Internet proxy and caching software.  And if that is not enough, then NetServer+ can be automatically activated to support window file shares.

NetServer+ is rented to you as part of your total OfficeLink+ solution.  Since the OfficeLink+ Framework is fully managed, your NetServer+ is also managed seamlessly.  Standard upgrades, patches and enhancements are free and are scheduled at a time and date agreed by you.  NetServer+ is built on the Linux operating system around a suite of OpenSource applications.  And if NetServer+ does not meet your specific needs then we are more than happy to host your own server in any one of our OfficeLink+ Operations Centres (see Hosting+).

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