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Hosting+ is a full telehousing service provided by OfficeLink+ so that you can position your own applications and telehosting services at the heart of your own information superhighway.  Hosting+ is provided on a per rack or per single 19” Rack Unit (RU) of space required.  Each RU rented includes a single power point, a high speed ethernet port and a KVM console connection for secure, on-site access.
Hosting+ is the best telehousing facility available in Australia:


  • Multiple tier 1 Internet providers
  • Fully redundant network equipment
  • Transparent BGP failover
  • Optional failover servers


  • 24 Hour on-site security
  • Access is via minimum two layer - MIL key locked doors
  • Monitoring is by time lapse video on all entry/exit points
  • Secure Rittel cabinets


  • Substation within complex fed from local grid
  • 1 Hour UPS and backed by unlimited hour operation of generator
  • Non-essential services are directly powered from the generator in event of mains power failure (i.e.  air-conditioning & lighting)
  • UPS capacity is 450 KVA
  • Diesel backup generator 905 KVA motor - 750 KW generator
  • 100,000 litres of regularly tested fuel available for generator

Fire Suppression System

  • VESDA sensor equipment
  • Water fire suppression system
  • Local zoning (only floods hot spots)

Environment Control

  • Redundant Air Conditioning
  • Humidity control
  • Under floor and ducted cabinet delivery

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