OfficeLink+ Turn Off The Internet... and onto your own "private information superhighway" OfficeLink+ Turn Off The Internet... and onto your own "private information superhighway"
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Network+ Benefits
Network+ Benefits Available everywhere in Australia.

Network+ Benefits Up to 56kb/s download speeds.

Network+ Benefits Flexible, low cost pricing.

Network+ Benefits Can be used for low speed, permanent connections.

Network+ Benefits Connects directly to Network+.

Network+ Benefits No VPN software required to connect securely.


How do you securely connect to your own private information super highway when you are travelling?  While you are travelling inside Australia, Dialup+ is the answer.

OfficeLink+ is a national ISP and MegaPOP (0198) provider.  This means that we can provide you with analogue and digital dialup services from anywhere in Australia for the price of a local call. 

Because Dialup+ is fully integrated with Network+, you get connected directly into your private network.  This means that there is no requirement for you or your staff to configure or run Virtual Private Network (VPN) software to access your own private information superhighway.

For locations in Australia that do not have ADSL or ISDN access, Dialup+ can also be employed as a permanent connection (PSTN+) to provide a cost-effective alternative to other solutions such as satellite.  All that is required for this is an analogue phone line and a SNAP+ router.  And since Dialup+ connects directly into Network+ it is fully managed and actively monitored identically to the rest of your private information superhighway.

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